Stay-cation at Blue Inn - On The Beach

As a child, I always considered that you had to leave and go somewhere far-far way for something to be considered a vacation, but as I have gotten older my idea of what a vacation is has changed. 

The whole point of taking a vacation is to give yourself a chance to just escape your current life habits and truth take care-of yourself by just relaxing. And though we all felt that 2016 was hard, 2017 was already starting to look like it was going to be tougher; so when I was invited by the wonderful team of Lark Hotels and Yankee Magazine to go to Blue - Inn on the Beach on Plum Island Beach in Newburyport, MA (just about almost a hour outside of Boston) I did not even think twice about it!

I have to admit I was pretty nervous about this excursion. I was excited to be able to hang-out with wonderful people, some old friends and new, but wasn't sure what to expect. I also had gained some anxiety about what to bring, but all of that soon went away the minute I got on the train to travel to Newburyport.

Gabi, social media extraordinaire and blogger maven of by and I coordinated to meet up at the train station and made our way Friday afternoon to Plum Island. An hour later, we arrived (it felt like we were the last to arrive at the Real World House) and checked in. This is where I admit that I told myself that I wanted everything to be quite a surprise when I got to the hotel. I researched, but I tried to limit myself from severely stalking the rooms and the amenities. Therefore my reaction when I walked in to my room, was complete jaw literally dropped. The room just felt so inviting, but at the same time I did not want to touch a thing!

My room upon arriving on Friday night. Check out that fireplace! Much needed during the winter, but the room was still giving all of those beachy vibes that you are looking for from the Blue. 

I loved the old style motel key as your room key. I wanted to keep it as a souvenir. 

The bathroom was my second absolute favorite part after the outstanding view/self-starting fireplace in my room. One because this mirror was perfection, but also because my bath was also a hot tub, which was something that I needed to put myself in the relaxing spirit that I was feeling just already being at Blue.

After calling my mom and Facetiming her everything about my room. I unpacked and got ready to meet up for dinner with everyone else. The dinner which was curated by Lark Hotels Executive Chef Justin Perdue, who cooked delicious small plates from all of the different restaurants at the other Lark Hotel properties around New England. All the food was amazing but my favorite was definitely the Braised Oxtail Tortelini that will be at the new restaurant, Counter in Salem, MA (opening this Summer). You might have seen it plated if you followed along on my Instagram Stories. The dinner was great conversation and a nice way to begin the weekend.

I went to bed completely rested (and full) but I made sure to wake up early to catch this sunrise. My room was on the ground level to the beach. This was my view, and it was truly lovely. It brought me back to this past summer being on Nantucket.

Such beautiful lighting in the morning!

How cute is this breakfast basket that was sent to my room? This was the first time ever that I had overnight oats ( I get the appeal now!) and I want to always wake up to Bacon, Cheddar & Chive Scones! I could get used to having this at my door everyday.

Spent my morning walking around Plum Island with a few of ladies to catch the water views. It was quiet and peaceful for a Saturday and seeing as it was January, a little chilly, but worth being able to walk along the beach.

We returned back to the hotel where Yankee Magazine set-up a food styling spread done by Krissy O'Shea of @cottagefarm, and Food Editor, Amy Traverso.

I learned about new cheeses that I have not tried yet, and in complete awe on how effortlessly Krissy was able to style this table. I swear I took a hundreds of photos (camera and phone) and took delight watching the rest of us do the same (sometimes it's nice to be in the company of bloggers because we all do the same thing - and no questions or awkward stares are asked).

Afterwards, we had a great sit-down presentation with Dawn Hagin and Rachel Reider, both principals in the Lark Hotels Group, as they explained what it entails in terms of design for their properties and what their mission is at Lark.

Rachel, who also owns, Rachel Reider Interiors, shared her design inspiration board behind the Blue and many of the other Lark Hotels. I secretly love interior design, and would have loved to hear her talk about it for hours. I loved that each hotel has a specific theme that is woven through out the hotel, and also resembles the location of the property too!

The evening end with all of us heading out into Newburyport, which is the loveliest town to explore. Really great restaurants including the one which we had dinner, The Paddle Inn, which just recently opened up. I want to be able to go back and explore and really walk around town, because I did not get to do that as much, plus the brunch menu at The Paddle Inn sounds so good, and if it was anything like the dinner I am sure I will be in a food coma afterwards.

The night out in town was lovely, and I was really able to get to know the ladies on this trip, which I am forever grateful for, but I was ready for bed and a quiet Sunday of indulging in some reading and spending my last day at Blue. 

Another perfect breakfast basket delivered to my door on Sunday with Raspberry & Chocolate Scones, a Meat & Cheese plate, Blueberry and Walnut Overnight Oats, of course coffee and more.

I never wanted to leave, but it was so nice to get away! My friends and I are already planning another long weekend get-away there again soon, and I plan on enjoying this view.

If interested in booking at the Blue Inn - On The Beach, check out their website at, but also check out many of the other hotels from the Lark Hotel Group at

And if you are looking for those awesome meats & cheese and the other accoutrements finds from the food styling shoot, be sure to check out Yankee Magazine at

This post is sponsored by Lark Hotels Group and Yankee Magazine. Thank you for such a wonderful opportunity. All photos and opinions are my own.


  1. That bread looks AMAZING! I'll have to check it out.

    xx. The Coastal Confidence


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