Wishlist Look of the Week - No. 1


As someone who has always loved fashion, I often at times do not consider myself a very fashionable person. I know that sounds weird because I am sure my content would speak otherwise, but what I mean is I don't think I get to express myself completely in the way that I would like for many reasons. 

One of those reasons is more financial then anything else. I tend to have expensive taste. I don't even mean to but every time I walk into a store I am immediately drawn to the $$$ price range. Even in reasonable price point stores (like Zara, H&M, etc.) I am still itching out the larger number; it's as if I have a scent for the most expensive items. Therefore, I completely understand when bloggers do wish lists, because in reality there are so many things that I want out there that (in actuality I don't need but would love to have) that I cannot afford. 

So here it goes...