Top Instagram Posts of 2016

Instagram has very much been apart of my blog from the beginning, in fact sometimes it replaces my blog in the busy school months when I do not have much time to give to writing out posts, but I did want to take the time to reflect on this past year. The picture above shows my top nine photos from this past year, but I also shared my favorite six that resonated with me because of the memories attached to them. I shared them with you here but you can also look them up by using the hashtag #fawtop6

I am excited to see what 2017 has to bring!

Culottes For Summer

First let me say, I am excited that I am officially on summer break!!! And I could not be happier! I love teaching my students, but by the end of the year I feel completely feel burnt out. It's nice to have time to focus on one's self, and that is exactly what I want to do! Part of that is working on my blog, and getting back into it! I have a few exciting post come your way, so stay tune!!!

Summer clothing is always tricky for me because my default is either shorts and t-shirt or a dress, but I wanted to challenged my thinking on that when it came to style. I mean why does it always have to be about the shorts during the summer. Here enters the culottes...

I came across these lovely pair by accident while perusing thought H&M. They were placed in a spot in the store that was not there original placement.  I had to walk all around the store to find the right size, but I am that kind of shopper. Once I eye something that I want then I must find them! I loved the print, but then it occurred to me after I purchased them...could I actually pull of culottes? I wasn't sure but soon the perfect opportunity arose in the presence of the Breakthrough Fashion Blogger of the Year.

Now I wouldn't consider myself a full fledge fashion blogger (yet!), but I do love putting an outfit together, and since the challenge was to take an article of clothing from H&M and style it, I thought why not. I planned in my head what would go with these printed culottes. My original option for the outfit was a pair of burgundy heels, and an embellished jewel sweatshirt. Though it might have worked it wasn't the look I was most comfortable in at the end of the day.

In my closet was hanging this lace shirt that I haven't not worn in almost a year, and I thought to myself this might work. I pulled it on and immediately felt like a fashionista. Sometimes it does not hurt to hold on to items in your closet.

      Photos by Bethany Everett

H&M Patterned Culottes | Madewell Collar Lace Top | Zara Leather Cowboy Ankle Boots  | Nasty Gal Magnetic Clutch (past season - similar) | | Ray Ban Round Metal Glasses | Nordstom Boiler Hat (past season - find similar)