inside my head

Always a work in progress - a mixture of everything and anything, but I am glad that you are here to join me on my journey. 

~ gabby


me-time & brunching

When I think back about how I spent 2017, I find that I did not give myself a chance to come up for air. i was always on the go. i didn't realize how much i was doing until i ended up doing nothing for the holidays. i was keeping myself busy and i am sure it's because i wanted to avoid all the feelings that i was going through as a thirty-something year old (i.e. job, relationship, finances, etc.). so this year i decided that i wanted to spend more time to myself, but all while enjoying my time with family and friends - which means how i spent my weekends had to look different. 




diversity in social media

This is not a new conversation - in fact - my friend, Bethany and I have been talking about it for quite sometime, but this month it got some traction when folks decided to call out REVOLVE (THAT CLOTHING BRAND distributor THAT CATERS TO ONLY A CERTAIN KIND OF MARKET) FOR NOT BEING INCLUSIVE WHEN THEY USE INFLUENCERS TO PROMOTE THEIR BRAND. what was their response? well nothing, really. 



hudson, ny. 

sometimes a vacation can be just around the corner (or maybe more like three hours from home). i wanted to start Jan. (the new year) with a little getaway especially since i did not get to go home for the holidays, and my friend, simone was happy to tag along. hudson was the perfect location and the Rivertown lodge was the perfect home away from home.